Spring OWS Movement, Part II

The second half of my OWS work from the spring – check out part I here.

Spring OWS Movement, Part I

While not as well covered in the media, the OWS movement had a somewhat-brief reprisal in the spring of 2012 – here’s the first half of my take from it.

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In These Dark Canyons Part V

Here’s the final chapter in my ‘In these Dark Canyons’ series. It’s been my visual aid as I’ve transition to living New York.
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A Good Reminder & Gut Check for the Photo-J Industry

From Nia Hof’s personal blog.

“‘Stunning image’ I heard someone comment about one frame and then ‘I love that frame’, I heard myself say about an image showing a group of men standing above a mass grave of unidentifiable bodies. What am I saying? Photographically it is a powerful and well composed frame, but if that’s my only response to it, what the hells the point? … I don’t need a Magnum photographer to tell me my image is well composed or nicely seen and powerfully shot, although I’d be fucking thrilled if they did. What I need is Joe public to tell me that my image made him get up off his wobbly chair, forget his thirst for overpriced lager and go out and help make change. To tell his mates to donate to a cause, to volunteer somewhere or to continue raising awareness about the issue I photographed. That is what photography is about; not this self-congratulatory bullshit that the inner circle of photographers in the industry seem to relish.”

Read the full text here:

Norway by Night

Two quick things.
1) I’m on a father-son trip with my Dad – we’re in Norway. It’s been really fun so far.
2) I’ve been asked to test-drive SquareSpace’s new website/blogging platform. I don’t know much about how the internet works (I’ve heard it’s a series of pipes) but I’m more than happy to give it the old college try.

So I thought I’d combine the two. Check out for updates from the trip. I’ll probably end up posting a trip-in-review on this blog sometime later. All the best, and thanks for looking. – Andrew (and Pops Burton)