Photos from February 2

These are in chronological order from throughout the day. The last photo is the final photo, right as the group began to attack me (read previous blog post for account).





(woops, forgot to photoshop out a massive dust-spot that appeared on my camera for a few frames – will get that later)






(The above image: Copyright Bloomberg News, 2011)



(The above image: Copyright Bloomberg News, 2011)


This is the first photo I took when I left my hotel for the square again at 4PM (above)



Last frame from the day.

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  • Patrick

    Good to hear you’re ok Andrew!

  • Doc

    Glad you survived, bruised but apparently unbroken! I don’t know what level of communications you might have but Shawn Baldwin is one of my former students. He is a photojournalist based in Cairo largely for The New York Times. Try to reach him at: He has lived there for years. Tell him Doc says Hi. Hi to you too. And keep safe.
    Doc Mason

  • Donald

    great account of a day´s work, Andrew _ and we´re feeling greatful that you have survived and are still able to continue with this important documentary!! By the way I hope you don´t mind I have taken the ´last frame´ as Image of the Day on my newsblog for creative professionals here in Holland, See

  • Elaine

    So glad that you are okay. Thank you for documenting what’s happening in Cairo. Lawrence Durrell once called the Egyptian people the happiest poor people on earth. That was a long time ago.

  • Maria

    Am glad you’re safe. Take care!

  • bettina hansen

    so glad to hear that you’re safe.

  • Linknic

    Amazing photos. So close and in your face. You can feel it. Keep at it..Stay safe.

  • Mahala Gaylord

    Glad you’re ok!

  • ken harper

    Brother Burton, glad you made it. Perhaps I should have suggested you to learn “Beat that small white boy” in arabic, sorry. Be safe.


  • Julie 0205

    Amazing – both you and the protesters. I pray for you both to stay safe and prevail.

  • Janis N. Senungetuk

    Thank you for allowing us to see the real story. I’m grateful that you survived that ordeal.

  • Justin Sutcliffe

    After reading your account through a link from ABC’s blog aboutattacks on Journailsts and knowing a few friends who are currently there and having similar challenges, i was struck by your very honest and well written account of what must have been a frightening encounter. In twenty years of traveling the world as a photojournalist I have occasionally encountered situations similar and over the years I have come to the conclusion that large crowds, no matter how friendly should always be treated with the respect that one would accord and artillery barrage or minefield. I am very pleased to read that you have escaped without serious injury or worse and hope that the experience will not diminish your determination to do these kinds of story.
    Good luck with the rest of your assignment. I hope that the situation changes enough for you to be able to safely continue your work.

  • 2006kptkyaw

    Thank you very much for let us see the history unfold in Egypt. Great Photos. Please take care

  • Nancy_miller

    Incredible photos and story. Thank you. I also recommend @sandmonkey’s blog (via NYtimes suggestion) if anyone’s looking for more on-the-ground insight.

  • Alicestraub

    I am a friend of Josh Mozes and am impressed with what you experienced and the way in which you’ve expressed it – by words, by pictures. Quite a global experience.
    Alice a/k/a Proletariat Princess

  • Um-adam1

    It is sad that the Egyptian people are not allowed a voice. Thugs attacked you and the pro democracy crowd tried to protect you. Thank God you are safe and can show the world what is happening in Cairo.

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  • -jp

    I am, first of all, so very pained that you were brutally attacked and traumatized. (There will likely be PTSD that intrudes on you; not for an odious motivation akin to some sort of sales pitch, I tell you the following: there are excellent methods for recovering from involuntary reactions of fear/anxiety/panic when it comes upon you, and competent people who will educate about ways to integrate this intense experience into your entire life narrative. – I suspect you already have an “intuitive” sense of how to deal, just couldn’t neglect passing on these words potentially helpful in accessing emotion/psychological resolve.)
    I am appalled at the violence perpetrated upon journalists as we are hearing of it in Egypt since the revolt began. Apparently the masses, regardless of their political identities, do not adhere to the “democratic” standards regarding our most essential rights to freedom (and support) of the press.
    So sorry for your experience of being violated. Thank you for – nonetheless – asserting the ethical stance that has resulted in providing to the rest of us such accurate real-life information.

  • MH

    What a way to get your “feet wet” in the field of photo-journalism. Truly baptism by fire. More power to you, you have the makings of a great career ahead of you. Stay safe, but not too safe. I’m a friend of Alice Straub.

  • David Benson

    Stunning photos and account, take us right into it all. I found your site linked from aljazeera ( Well done!

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